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Our Team


Joaquín De Alba


With over 15 years of industry experience. His expertise is mass media, digital, sports and NTR marketing across the General, Hispanic, and Spanish dominant demographics. 

He is a persuasive communicator and results driven professional with the talent for earning trust and building long term relationships with local, regional, and national businesses.

“My number one passion is helping each one of our clients reach their full potential by developing a well-rounded advertising campaign. My documented success in new business development is unequalled. During the last decade, I have developed over 600 advertisers, helping them reach a new level of revenue by applying strategies and effectively using traditional and digital media strategies.”


Ramona Villa

Accounts Manager

Ramona is the most experienced media professional in the team, with over 38 years of experience in mass media she brings talent, tenure, and insights to take our clients revenue to the next level. 

Her expertise focuses with the Hispanic and Spanish Dominant markets.


Darlene Moreno

Social Media Coordinator

The unforgettable voice that once graced the airwaves of Norteno 104.1 FM, in San Antonio TX. Darlene ensures that the operations of a social media campaign are running smoothly. 

She implements and monitors social media brands’ presence. Her goal is to improve brand awareness and reputation while engaging with online followers. By creating an active social media presence, her efforts can boost sales and brand recognition.

“My time at the station was defined by charisma, an ability to attract esteemed clients, and a heartfelt connection with listeners. I consistently delivered top-tier quality both on the air and across social media platforms. My passion for radio, social media interaction and the affection I held for my audience were palpable. I cultivated a deep bond with our community. I was more than just a radio announcer; I was a trusted friend to those who tuned in.”


Victor Aranzabal

Media Strategy

With more than eight years of experience in marketing and a degree in Communication. He is a specialist in the operation and organization of events, covering a wide range from sports

and social to mass events, concerts, and cultural events. His passion for creating unique experiences has led him to be recognized as a creator of impactful events. Víctor has overseen managing and supervising events in 11 states of the Mexican Republic. His ability to coordinate multiple tasks and teams ensures success on every project. Additionally, his commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail are reflected in the effective execution of each event under his direction. He is always looking for new challenges, now in Digital Marketing, the future of marketing!

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