Why Choose Roger Media Inc.

We are a media agency with over 50 years of combined experience in the General Market, Hispanic market, and Spanish dominant market, offering expert advice on media investment and selection, effective marketing returns, competitive media rates, and digital media services for brand recognition, SEO-SEM, and social media lead generation.


Years of combined



We are a media agency with more than 50 years of combined experience in the General Market, Hispanic market, and Spanish dominant market.



We advise & educate our clients on how to invest and how to select different media according to their goals, services and/or products. We also offer consultancy in media and advertising across the U.S.



We “get it”, we have proven track record of success with local and regional business effective marketing returns!

We hold multiple executed recommendation letters from former and existing clients, case studies and videos that serve as testimonials of our success stories and effectiveness!



We are experts in media placement and media buying negotiation guaranteeing competitive media rates for your business.

We have a proven record & experience as leaders in media representation and negotiation on behalf of our clients in mass media like radio, television, billboards, sponsorships, non-traditional revenue events, cross-promotions and more!



Our digital media services offer our clients Brand Recognition, SEO-SEM & social media lead generation.



We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We help our clients identify their marketing goals, and we define strategies to attract new revenue.

Our active client base is very diverse, our focus remains with local and regional businesses pertaining to the legal, retail, restaurant, bar-night club, dental, insurance & consolidation debt industries. We currently advertise our client’s campaigns across several major and mid-size markets in the U.S. and Mexico by partnering with some of the major media broadcast TV & Radio station operators/owners.

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